Message from the CEO - Global Diversity Practice

Message from the CEO

Message from the CEO

Farrah Qureshi

I am delighted to welcome you to the Global Diversity Practice website. We deliver award-winning innovative products and services to a diverse range of clients in over 100 countries across the globe. We pride ourselves on being evidence-led, values-driven thought and practise leaders in Diversity & Inclusion. Our passion and professionalism ensure we deliver our solutions in a genuine, authentic and friendly manner. We utilise D&I as an enabler to maximise talent, encourage inclusive leadership behaviours and deliver business strategies and results, all of which contribute to the development of vibrant and dynamic corporate cultures. We offer a one-stop shop to ensure you receive a complete solution to help you connect with your customers and maximise the human capital of your employees.

Be Convinced
Be convinced that with our expertise we can help you to ensure D&I is no longer perceived an add-on or ‘nice to have’ afterthought but rather a critical driver of your commercial success, a realization of your aspirations to reflect 21st century demographic social and economic challenges, and more importantly allow you to benefit from the opportunities that await you.
Learn more about our innovative D&I and bias reduction learning and consultancy products delivered through multiple methodologies from keynotes, seminars, face to face, webinars and e-learning, cutting edge consultancy research and reports.
Understand how we help you to release the power of both visible and invisible diversity, leverage the richness and creativity that diverse perspectives and thinking styles bring to your organisation and in doing so promote 21st century leadership mind-sets and behaviours leading to truly inclusive workplaces and ecosystems.
Develop understanding of unconscious bias and how it, if unchecked, can influence our decision making, promote group thinking, the choices we make and who we surround ourselves with, consequently inhibiting true diversity of thought, progression of diverse talent, talent leaks and blockages.
Appreciate how we can help you to promote Gender equity, thereby creating balanced teams and becoming gender bilingual with your diverse customers, helping to service users and clients as well as smartly future proofing your business.
Meet our team of passionate and skilled thought and practice leaders in training and consultancy covering the full knowledge and experience spectrum of diversity and inclusion and bias reduction expertise and skillsets.
Hear about the experiences of our impressive array of national and international clients through our case studies and testimonials, outlining their requirements, our solutions and the impacts we have achieved in our collaborations with our clients.
Travel across our geographical footprint of delivery in over 120 countries across the world cascading our transferable and transportable global centric products and solutions.
Global Diversity Practice

Global Diversity Practice