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Deliver Leadership Accelerator Event / Conduct Listening Groups

Client Brief

IPL (International Procurement & Logistics Ltd) is the largest single importer of produce in the UK today. Operating across produce, meats and fresh foods, IPL employs hundreds of staff across the West Yorkshire region from different backgrounds, ages and genders.

IPL has a strong belief in Diversity and Inclusion and wanted to implement the highest level of quality and practice of Diversity and Inclusion in their business. In 2003 Global Diversity Practice were commissioned to assess the Unconscious Bias levels within IPL through the use of implicitly.

Key Deliverables

GDP were commissioned to deliver a leadership accelerator event, as part of the process analytics and qualitative information on D&I was compiled to develop a bespoke session. Bias Testing and Coaching completed the learning process. GDP also conducted listening groups to identify both strengths and areas of development for the business.


Our intervention and training has served as a call for action and as a direct result Global Diversity Practice and IPL are collaboratively developing the D&I Strategy Action Plan and Road Map.

International Procurement & Logistics Ltd

Client Name: IPL

Countries: United Kingdom

Client URL: http://www.ip-limited.com

Global Diversity Practice

Global Diversity Practice