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D&I Awareness Training

D&I Awareness Training

At GDP we work with our clients to create bespoke D&I awareness programmes that address their particular needs.


Managing Diversity and Inclusion requires understanding, knowledge, empathy and sensitivity to difference with a commitment to developing inclusive behaviours and actions. When Diversity and Inclusion is well managed it can enhance team competence and confidence, ensure all our voices are heard, our multiple perspectives are encouraged and new paradigms are created to recognise the visible and invisible differences which make up the rich fabric of our workplaces.

Harnessing and leveraging these differences, perspectives and talents will allow companies to better position themselves to adapt to the ever changing global demands that will not only improve productivity and staff morale but also increase customer expectations. A multicultural, talented, and trained workforce is better equipped to understand the demographics of the marketplace it serves and is better positioned to thrive in that marketplace.

The business case for investing in D&I is that these initiatives allows such a diverse workforce to feel a sense of belonging, which in turn increases their commitment to the company and allows each of them to contribute in a unique manner. All employees want to have good and harmonious relationship with their follow employers and leaders; they want supportive mentors that can help them achieve their individual goals.

Our Solution

We can ensure we develop the competence of your employees to become aware of all the various diversity strands which make up the mosaic and provide compelling and relevant information by raising awareness. We can deliver single strand awareness such as Gender Equity training or Cross Cultural skills, covering the full spectrum of relevant issues within your regions, countries or companies. We have the solution.

Our sessions ensure you recognise the Business Critical and Risk Management aspects which in turn adversely affect employee morale, engagement, talent progression, employer branding, service user, customer and community expectations and experience.

Our D&I Awareness programmes range from delivery of seminars on the value of D&I right through to a provision of cascade and corporate roll out programmes.

Our corporate wide experience spans national and global roll out of Diversity and Inclusion Awareness Session.

We can also help develop your capacity through train the trainers, webinars and e-learning.


Greater diversity awareness not only brings a greater skills base to our delegates but also leads to enhanced opportunities, better performance, improved retention, and offers greater opportunities for innovation and responsiveness.

We encourage you to celebrate and value the richness of Diversity and Inclusion, create rich environments and nurture your workforce thus reflecting our changing global landscape.

See below for a snapshot of our D&I Awareness Training interventions delivered to a range of clients:


Walmart International

Walmart were keen to mobilise their Leadership and Executive population to leverage the benefits of D&I and be role models thereby delivering results on both the Commercial Growth and the Talent Strategy

JP Morgan Chase

JP Morgan

The formation of the Future Generation Initiative was the beginning of a strategic approach to Diversity at JP Morgan that acknowledged Diversity as a business imperative

Coca Cola Enterprises

Coca Cola Enterprises

Global Diversity Practice was commissioned by CCE to design and deliver a Diversity and Inclusion learning deck for roll out across EMEA

Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered

Global Diversity Practice was the preferred supplier for Standard Chartered Bank in which they were responsible for the complete Equality and Diversity Inclusion Programme in providing end-to-end bespoke Diversity solutions

Learning & Skills Council

Learning and Skills Council

GDP were commissioned by the Learning and Skills Council to design and deliver a Dignity at Work Programme

London Underground

London Underground Limited

GDP was commissioned by LUL to develop the ‘Managing Diversity Competence’ Project

Department for International Development


A three year contract to introduce diversity into DFID’s existing Management Development Training Programme was awarded to Global Diversity Practice

Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA)


GDP were awarded the framework agreement for Learning and Development Provision for Defra for three years to train thousands of Defra employees in a range of D&I learning products and services

Securicor G4S


Group 4 Securicor commissioned Global Diversity Practice to develop a Diversity workshop with a particular focus on Harassment & Bullying for their frontline staff and team leaders



Global Diversity Practice were commissioned by Dell Inc. to develop a training programme for their Learning Suite on Diversity across EMEA



Global Diversity Practice have partnered with CGIAR for a number of years to overcome the challenges of diversity within the organisation and provide Diversity and Inclusion solutions across 15 centres in over 10 countries

World Bank

World Bank

Global Diversity Practice provided several keynote speeches for the World Bank as well as the design and delivery of Cross Cultural Awareness Workshops to promote high performance and enhanced collaboration team work

Global Diversity Practice

Global Diversity Practice