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Award winning bespoke diversity toolkits and assessment development for your organisation

We continually review our offerings to ensure we are innovative and relevant and can take advantage of technology to reinforce and further develop the competence of our clients with webinars, e-learning tools,  and groundbreaking digital solutions (we are currently exploring the concept of virtual classrooms and virtual reality). Our desire to utilize technology has been evidenced by our strong and award winning partnership with our e-learning provider for the last ten years. As we are continually revising our delivery methodology, our clients are receiving blended learning solutions.

Our e-learning toolkits are bespoke and are customized for our local, national and international clients. Our clients come to us for best in class e-learning tools to reach employees globally and be relevant to their particular challenges. The bespoke toolkit has already been utilized by one of our clients in over 120 countries and has received resounding positive feedback.

The Respect toolkit e-learning package is designed to supplement our in house training and a D&I communications plan. It is designed to provide flexibility  on a global basis to concentrate on those D&I issues which were locally relevant from an employee as well as market and customer touch point. The toolkit is a digital repository of information, games and interesting activities designed at two levels; one for the leadership and the other for employees. One of our clients who is in the construction industry and provides services globally has benefited immensely from our bespoke toolkit.

We have pioneered the use of digital resources in our training which allows participants to engage with customised bespoke scenes alongside highly impactful training, delivery and knowledge transfer without the logistical cost of actors and increased facilitators. Utilizing our excellent facilitation skills combined with our professionalism ensures we make impact and work alongside our clients to achieve excellence in delivering D&I. Depending on the delegate interaction and judgment, the outcomes would be similar to providing live forum theatre.

Our innovative Diversity Skill Application Models are used across the world during our training in creating resource and learning toolkits. We regularly run webinars which we provide across the continents on diversity & inclusion and unconscious bias. We have always attempted to provide innovative and blended diversity learning to suit the needs and budget of our client. We look forward to having an opportunity to deliver such learning to your organization.

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Balfour Beatty

British Council

Legal Services Commission

e-learning Toolkit Video Examples

GDP AVIVA Diversity Toolkit Preview

GDP AVIVA Diversity Opener

See below for a snapshot of our Toolkit interventions delivered to a range of clients:



We were commissioned to develop an innovative e-learning tool that would assist the organization in raising awareness and competence in Diversity and Inclusion


The Walt Disney Corporation

The entire HR function trained in Diversity Awareness. The programme was designed to provide information on the business, legal and organisational case for Diversity

John Lewis Partnerships

John Lewis Partnership

Global Diversity Practice were in collaboration with the D&I team requested to develop a bespoke Diversity and Inclusion “train the trainer” package which reflected their business needs and could be rolled out across the stores and business areas within the Partnership

Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk

GDP undertook a consultancy assignment and developed an innovative tool to progress and enhance diversity learning throughout the company.

Government of Tanzania

Government of Tanzania

The Unit commissioned Global Diversity Practice to develop an Action Plan and Diversity Management Toolkit aimed at mainstreaming diversity in the Public Service



Global Diversity Practice designed a toolkit document to inform ASDA executives about the cultures and communities of both their customers and increasingly diverse talent pool.

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Global Diversity Practice

Global Diversity Practice