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Unconscious Bias

Unconscious Bias

Unconscious bias, blind-spots, mindbugs, cognitive errors, confirmation bias, are all terms associated with the latest neuroscience discoveries on the workings of the human brain.


Unconscious bias affects our decision making, our relationships, who we have affinity to and consequently provide opportunities to in the workplace. It helps us to understand why despite various efforts within our organisations we have not been able to move the dial in relation to promoting diversity and inclusion to the extent we wished.

The latest evidence led research combining the findings of neuroscience, behavioural economics, organisational and social psychology confirms that we all have biases. It’s part of the human condition to be influenced by our life experiences, the society we live in and the media images we are exposed to. Faced with a vast amount of information, our brains are hardwired to categorise and to subconsciously make judgments about people in those categories. We like to believe that we are well intentioned and that assumptions and stereotypes only affect other people. However, they are all part of how we navigate the social landscape around us, how we “decode”, how to relate to others, and how we interpret the behaviour of those we interact with. Being aware of your blind spots and how they affect your interactions is an essential first step toward advancing truly Inclusive Leadership and sustainable corporate culture change.

Our Solution

At GDP we demystify the science. Unconscious bias has some major implications and we are resourceful in how we help you and your people to understand the link and to learn how to avoid the pitfalls. We help you to understand how it gets in the way of effective utilisation of your human capital, reducing opportunities to understand and serve your customers better. We ensure you tap into opportunities to be open to diverse insights and thinking styles leading to a more inclusive culture.

Our interventions are pragmatic. We utilise that understanding to unleash the powerful opportunities that exist where both individual and organisational bias is managed and reduced. Our interventions are commercially focussed, relevant to Human Capital and talent needs and link to the bottom line for our corporate clients and are service related for our Public Sector clients.

We seek to understand the ecosystem you operate in and design relevant solutions. The outcomes are mind-set change, behaviour modification and action focussed intentions.


We are among the pioneers of unconscious bias learning and consultancy interventions and innovations. Our consultancy and training ranges from conducting global unconscious bias audits using our innovative methodologies  to providing corporate bias testing reports to understand direction of bias within companies to developing tools and strategies to mitigate the effects of bias.

Our interventions are delivered and designed by experts in the field with tangible return on investment for our clients from impact on unblocking and populating the talent pipeline, increasing representation of diverse groups and thinking styles, as well as reflections on brand and image, product development and customer and community engagement.

We are a licensed bias test centre of the range of “Implicitly” bias tests which measure associations between your thoughts and your responses. The test was developed in response to criticism of the IAT and exceeds industry standard in relation to its reliability and rigour. We offer both individual and corporate reporting helping our clients to identify impacts. We supplement the tests with bias reduction coaching, particularly for executives and business leaders who benefit from tailored and customised coaching interventions. The coaching methodology we use is constructive, business centric and action-oriented.

Our award winning unconscious bias training equips leaders and employees with tools and techniques to manage their biases. Our “Open Minds” training is a unique offering covering a range of issues including the impact of micro-inequities  and inclusive leadership. Additionally we offer conferences, keynote speakers and drama based learning.

We understand you may wish to build your in-house capability so we offer cascade mechanisms such as train the trainers, toolkits, dvd based digital tools and e-learning products.

We have also developed creative bias reduction communication and marketing campaigns to reinforce the behavioural change required to mitigate the effects of bias.

See below for a snapshot of our Unconscious Bias interventions delivered to a range of clients:


Santander-2012 ENE

 Award Winning UB Training to 500 leaders of all business areas, development of innovative Digital UB tool



 Keynote UB Seminar to CEO and Country Presidents

Lloyds Banking Group

Lloyds Bank Insurance Group

UB Audit – Design and development of UB training to D&I Steering Group

Lloyds TSB

Lloyds Banking Retail Bank

UB focus groups, UB Survey, design and development of Open Minds training, development of a UB Train the Trainers Cascade toolkit, Coaching of Trainers

electrocomponents PLC

Electrocomponents Plc

 Debiasing of all policies and procedures, global UB webinars and face to face listening groups, UB survey, analysis of results, provision of report with recommendations, provision of best practice in UB report

Balfour Beatty

Balfour Beatty Construction Services UK

 Provision of ELT Training, Divisional Leadership Training



Unconscious Bias Executive Seminars, Leadership Training, Production of Collective Bias Test Results, Executive and Leadership Coaching, On-going Consultancy

Walmart Mexico

Wal-Mart Mexico

UB Audit, provision of UB Training to 600 Leaders, provision of UB Executive Coaching and Consultancy to Equity Council


Unilever Mexico

UB Audit, Provision of UB training to a board of 150 leaders, Provision of Directors and employee conferences on UB

British Council

British Council

Provision of Global Webinars

Aston University

Aston University

Bias testing, Provision of UB Seminars, Provision of Inclusive Leadership Training to D&I Steering Committee

International Procurement & Logistics Ltd


Delivery of Leadership Accelerator Event, as part of the process analytics and qualitative information on D&I was compiled to develop a bespoke session

Global Diversity Practice

Global Diversity Practice