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Our webinars help to demystify diversity and inclusion and increase awareness of unconscious bias and the role you play in addressing it.


Global Diversity Practice is pleased to introduce you to our newest product offering – the Open Minds webinar. We have worked with Brambles over the past year to pilot and deliver a series of one-hour webinars across all five continents to senior leaders from the organisation. The key themes explored are D&I awareness (with a focus on business and holding up the mirror), unconscious bias, inclusive leadership and action planning. The feedback received thus far has been outstanding, with a significant positive impact on increasing participants’ understanding of D&I and unconscious bias, as well as a positive shift in responses to “Do you want to influence others to promote diversity and inclusion” as well as “Do you know what you can do to help the company develop a more inclusive culture?”.

We have now developed a webinar product offering for our client base as an efficient and impactful means of raising D&I awareness, individual engagement and leadership accountability. Furthermore, CPD have accredited our Open Minds webinar, meaning that delegates can be issued with a CPD certificate of attendance to be used within their formal CPD record for professional bodies and institutes around the world.

Our webinar brings together our proven methodology of “Head, Heart and Hands” for a mindset shift, with experiential, participative and engaging features to bring alive the learning. We use facilities such as polling, chat, Q&A to help engage with participants and provide real-time two-way interaction and feedback, and we also often include pre and post-work for a complete developmental process. This allows us to capture the impact of the webinars on delegates, and additional post-work activities such as signposting to D&I repositories, intranets and “Click & Commit” websites are also possible through this technology.

See below for a snapshot of our Webinar interventions delivered to our clients:



Brambles commissioned Global Diversity Practice to deliver a series of webinars for leaders and individual contributors across their key geographies on ‘Creating an Inclusive Culture’. The 1 hour webinar had the overall aim of creating awareness around Inclusion & Diversity (I&D).



Aviva commissioned Global Diversity Practice to deliver a series of Unconscious Bias webinars across Asia-Pacific, United States and other geographies.

electrocomponents PLC


Electrocomponents plc commissioned Global Diversity Practice to deliver a series of D&I Awareness raising webinars to senior leaders around the world.

Global Diversity Practice

Global Diversity Practice