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Why GDP?

Why Choose GDP?

At Global Diversity Practice, we pride ourselves in our passion for developing leading diversity and inclusion consultancy and cutting edge learning solutions which are grounded firmly in research and evidence.

We know how to help you reap measurable returns from good diversity and inclusion practice whether we’re:
• coaching and upskilling your CEO and the leadership team on unconscious bias
• developing the competence and confidence of your middle managers
• benchmarking diversity performance against peer group organisations
• providing expert research on social policy as it effects diversity in the workplace
• interfacing with your clients and customers to create more inclusive sales and marketing programmes
or running cross-cultural or gender equity workshops.

Farrah Qureshi, the CEO of Global Diversity Practice, has been involved in global diversity and inclusion training and consultancy for over 25 years and is recognised as one of world’s foremost D&I experts.

GDP has delivered D&I consultancy and training to an impressive client list that represents many of the leading brands in the world across many sectors including Standard Chartered, Novo Nordisk, Nike, DTZ, KPMG, Pepsi, Aviva, Coca Cola Enterprises, London Development Agency, Mahou, Lloyds Group, JP Morgan, DHL, Walmart Mexico, Asda, Balfour Beatty, RBS, L’Oreal, Shell, Citi Financial, Disney Corporation, Defra, Waitrose, CIMMYT, Dell, CGIAR, Saint Gobain, Fujitsu and AXA.

Coca Cola Enterprises

To view our full client portfolio visit our case studies section.

Global Diversity Practice

Global Diversity Practice